India Vacations

Tailor made trip in India was founded in 2006 with the mission to showcase India in a different light far away from the conventional thinking about India as a land of snake charmers and poor populace. Tourism in India can challenge any developed country in the world today with its awesome travel options in one country, which no one can match. Apart from conventional Taj Mahal in Agra, ancient Khajuraho Temples, historic monuments, forts and palaces, world class beaches, greenery, natural scenery, deserts and Himalayas etc. There is something unique in terms of common peoples live in India who speak different languages, wear different clothes, eat different cuisines and live different life styles in different regions from North to South but are known Indians to the world over. Rural or village tourism in India is yet to take off that has immense potential. We will help you to explore off-beat tourism destinations in India along with conventional tourism as per your interests.  This tailor-made section is to encourage you to let us know your real interests so that we may assist you to design your dream holidays in India as per your exact need.

Contact us to book Tailor made Trip in India has experienced professionals who research your visiting destination beforehand and give some practical suggestions that might be useful once you reach at visiting place. We manage your journey from the time you land at India till your departure. We enjoy a flexible, quality-assured network of our affiliates, hospitality providers, service vendors, guides, drivers and try to use their expertise to the maximum potential for the benefit our India travelers. We believe that travelers should visit the destinations of their interests on their own terms, traveling at their own pace and exploring attractions as per their tastes and backgrounds. We have considerable on the ground presence and dedicated staffs trained to impart personalized service and assure quality and safety at every step. So you have decided to visit India fill up our contact us form and let us know as much as possible about your holiday interests along with your date of travel, number of visitors and approximate budget to help us recommend you accordingly.