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Beach Tour in India India’s world famous beach destination is Goa. There are many beaches available in Goa visited by millions of international and domestic tourists from the world over. Apart from Goa, India has famous beaches in Kerala, the most celebrated one is the Kovalam Beach, Gopalpur on sea in Orissa and Chaupati Beach in Mumbai etc.

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There are the brief introduction of beaches of India s follows

Anjuna Beach, Goa : Anjuna Beach of Goa is one of the most popular beaches of Goa. The important reason to visit this beach is to dance and lay on this. There is a famous flea market, a major shopping hangout here, beside the beach. A number of tourists flock here to visit this charming site. Apart from that taking a long walk in the moon light and seeing the spectacular sight of sun setting are something that is loved may many visitors. The tourist season at this beach starts in November and continues through the Christmas, New Year and beyond. It is recommended to visit here in non- tourists season to the visitors who want relaxed trip.

Baga Beach, Goa : Baga Beach, is 10-km west of Mapusa, is an extension of Calangute beach. The sight s at this beach is very exotic. The atmosphere is quiet and aloof. It is very popular among international tourists. It is good for water sports and angling. It has the best range of restaurants; a candlelight dinner at the beachside is arranged as per the requests of the tourists’. Tourists flock here for its lively nightlife.

Calangute Beach, Goa : Calangute beach is one of the famous beaches of Goa. There are good shopping options at this beach. There is a wide range of shopping articles such as handicrafts of Kashmir, boutiques, Himalayan curios and jewellery etc. Apart from that quality textile product from Rajasthan, Gujarat and Karnataka are worth purchasing, but bargaing is advised as the same products are easily available cheap on Wednesdays at flea market. This beach is ample enough to accommodate the big numbers of tourists. At Calangute the travelers may also enjoy water sports such as Parasailing, Surfing, and Wind Surfing. The nightlife at Calangute is relatively calm and cool.

Dona Paula Beach, Goa : The Dona Paula beach is popularly known as “Lovers Paradise” as per the folklore that the daughter of the viceroy had fallen in love with a poor fisherman, having faced objections from her family about it she jumped of the cliff. It is seven kilometers from Panjim. It is known for its romantic environs. It is good for water sports on clear waters. It offers motar boat rides and ideal sunrays for sunbath altogether.

Marina Beach, Chennai : Marina Beach is the longest beach of India. It is one of the longest beaches of Asia. It is located on the eastern part of Chennai. It is fascinating to watch sun set and rise from this beach. The undercurrent is very strong at this beach. In the evening the beach is crowed with activities.

Marari Beach, Kerala : This beach is comparatively new to the tourists. It is a place to simply sit and relax, enjoy watching the sunset and at the end of the day a leisurely dinner. You may also call Marari as one of the lesser-known beaches of India.

Gopalpur on Sea, Orissa : Gopalpur on sea is situated around 180 Kms. from Bhuvneshwar. It is one of the oldest beaches of Orissa, It is located around sixteen kilometers from Berhampur. It is comparatively small beach. Gopalpur-on-Sea is a surfer’s delight and excellent for sailing. This beach is yet to be explored to its fullest extent. This is very quiet and cool beach in the lap of nature. If the traveler is looking for a relaxing holiday, then it is the perfect beach, fairly isolated and undisturbed.

Kovalam Beach, Kerala : This famous beach of Kerala is situated on the Malabar Coast, a small village of Kovalam. It is known for its beautiful and secluded beaches in the world. It has become one of the most popular beaches in India. The word meaning of Kovalam is “a grove of coconut trees”. The beaches of Kovalam can be divided in three parts, such as. “The Lighthouse Beach”, most popular one situated at the extreme south, the middle beach is called “Hawah” and “Samudra” situated at the extreme North. Kovalam is ideal for water sports such as kayaking, swimming, surfing and skiing. At Kovalam, seafood including lobsters available at the beach-side restaurants.